Abbie, perched on the back of a sofa

Abbie is a rescued Chihuahua-Yorkie mix who, like many people who come to therapy, had a rough beginning. She was found by a NJ rescue organization in “the worst kill shelter in the south” (in Georgia) in which animals are not cared for well and are euthanized after 5 days if not claimed or adopted. She had been roaming the streets and had such a bad case of kennel cough, it took three rounds of antibiotics to help her fight it off once she came North. She was underweight and her ribs and spine were easy to feel even after a month in foster care. When she was healthy enough, she was placed in a foster home, then she was moved again and had a failed adoption. Due to her multiple abandonments and changes in caretakers, and periods of poor care and lack of care, she was very insecure and clingy with me at first. She has gained weight and is healthy and happy. She is still a “Mama’s girl,” but she is a sweet, cuddly, playful gem who is full of energy and kisses for everyone who wants them, and she is easily learning to be a therapy dog. She knows what it’s like to feel hurt/pain and to be abandoned. Despite this, she offers my clients – as well as those of other therapists here – comfort and joy, if they are open to it. She has found her purpose: using her experiences with pain to heal others as a Canine Co-Therapist; and finding her purpose is helping her on her own healing journey.

As a Canine Co-Therapist, Abbie:

Greets each family and client in the waiting room 
Escorts clients into the office 
Offers to cuddle with and/or kiss clients to comfort them when upset 
Helps people who fear dogs feel safe around her 
Helps child clients feel comfortable entering the therapy room 
Helps build rapport and safety for all clients 
Models balancing caring for others and taking care of oneself 
Helps create a safe environment for opening up painful wounds 
Gives children (and adults) someone with whom to practice social skills
Reminds folks to play and be in the moment
Brings smiles and moments of joy to those overwhelmed with challenging emotions 
Models recovery from harsh circumstances 
Allows children to play out their issues with her 
Gives hope to foster and adopted children 
Models protecting her own safety and boundaries
Brings joy and warmth into the therapy room 
Transitions each client and family out of their session

Abbie, in her favorite perch on the sofa

You are most welcome to come and meet Abbie and allow her, along with Teresa, to help you heal.

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